Happy Friday loves! I’m even more excited for this post than I was for yesterdays. I bet you can already guess where some of these pieces are from! If you’ve ever noticed, I never, or at least try to never wear tight clothing. I love breathability in clothing and comfort is key for me. I also think anything high-waisted is automatically flattering no matter body type/height/weight whatever it may be! So high waisted denim skirt = MUST! And, I love the zipper detail instead of just buttons, I feel like buttons are kind of overdone at this point. I would equate button down skirts to hearing Shape of You on the radio (if ya know what I mean)!

My top is from Pretty Little Thing, Lately, I’ve been shopping this website but helpful hint, if you go on late at night, they have like 20%-50% off sales usually until midnight or the next morning! So this embellished crop top in color stone was ONLY $15 (you can click the direct link on the second picture above)!!! And I’m happy I got it because while it does come up in the front (isn’t under boob in now? if anyone knows can they comment @ me), it’s really stretchy and you can tie the bows to any length needed, so it works.

And once again, I’m wearing my chunky hoops from the M Jewelers! I really recommend getting a pair if you wear gold jewelry when you go out or just if you love hoops! They’re the perfect pop!

If you stuck with me until the end of this post, thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for reading!! I’ve attached links below including like products in similar colors so go shop like you mean it!


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