Happy Friday Eve everyone! Even though it has felt like Friday for the past 3 days (am I the only one??) A great summer (or labor day….) outfit is a comfortable blue and white striped dress or my FAVORITE alternative…shirt-dress!!! It’s NO secret that they’re flattering, comfortable, and if you’re lucky….they might even have pockets! The one pictured above is Darek Lam 10 Crosby (Helloooo Intermix –> one of my most shopped stores)! I’m afraid it’s sold out…but I need to be honest, it was overpriced anyway. I always find the good sales when they’re hot!

Linked below are equally as trendy and way cheaper shirt-dresses for the upcoming holiday or just one of our final summer days! Also linked is another favorite, Topshop tortoise sunglasses (cat-eye frame, only $45!) that totally frame my face perfectly!

I’m going to try to not go off on tangents anymore like I usually do unless it adds value to the post like trying to find black stilettos that don’t resemble a librarian shoe (–> refer to the last post). Anyway! Thanks for reading guys, there will be a giveaway coming soon, but only if you keep up to date with the posts :)! If you’re not one of the many celebrating thirsty Thursday check out the links below and get those deals girrrrrrl!

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