Happy Hump Day everyone!  I’m back and I’m getting so excited for fashion week! But anyway, about my outfit! I’m not sure why but I can’t get enough of gingham lately…It’s so easy to wear and style. My gingham dress is a vintage BCBG Maxazria dress with pronounced shoulders and a cinched waist, I easily styled it with a Vintage black Prada purse, *my first designer purse,* black Karen Walker sunnies, and some white kicks, which were only $14!!!!!!!! –> See link below.

For some reason, I am also obsessed with white sneakers right now. I’ve never been a ‘sneakerhead’ but lately, I want them ALL!! Why white, you may be thinking? They’ll get so dirty! That’s where I’m optimistic! I wanted white because they go with everything. And when I bought them I envisioned wearing them with a denim or gingham dress. Dresses and sneakers or rompers and sneakers are the cutest together and so in right now –> easy #streetstyle.

 If you laughed at the picture of me sitting on the bench (which I’m going to guess you did because there’s a 75% chance you know me if you’re reading this), just know that I was holding in my laughter SO HARD. A PIGEON (I hate birds) TRIED TO LAND ON MY SHOULDER during this little shoot. A pigeon people! Girl bye!

Well, that’s all for today because I’m in Canada and have bad service! Click through the links below and get those deals! H&M sneaks for $14, gingham dresses, and black sunnies all below. Have a lovely day everyone 🙂

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