Hi, beautiful people, it’s Thursday! Hands in the air for fashion week! Today I’m prepping all of my outfits for the upcoming week because I am actually the MOST last minute. It feels like September crept up from out of nowhere! Am I right though?? I feel like everyone is saying “RIP Summer 17” all over social media and in the back of my head, I’m thinking….”what summer??” I’m not even that tan! But I’ll forgo my bronzed skin for now because it’s almost sweater weather!!! Bring on the Pumpkin drinks, Uggs, and girls wearing Michael Kors boots!

Anyways let’s talk about something meaningful, and I’m not talking politics… I’m talkin’ this outfit! My red shimmer top was only $14.90 from Forever 21, can you say bargain? AND it’s super flattering. I’m wearing it with high waisted Topshop pants that have a major 70’s flare, but my sources say that the 70’s are back. I kept the rest simple and resorted to one of my favorite colors; black. When in doubt: throw on one single color and the REST of the outfit black, that way the color pops! I’m just sayin’! Also, if you want a comfortable, reliable heel with an open toe —> check out these Kenneth Cole boots for $49.00! Right now you’re probably thinking..”hmm Kenneth Cole, that’s random?” Well, I believe that sometimes you have to resort back to the classics (eg–> Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole, to get a quality and reliable product), these are something you will wear over and over again, and they are versatile. I am TERRIBLE at walking in heels (if you don’t believe me, ask my roommates from college) and these have saved me numerous times in the city, even during this past fashion week!

If you want the deals, send people here 🙂 I found an almost identical version of my Karen Walker sunglasses pictured above for only $12!!!…Sad I missed that deal! And there is a less expensive version of my Kenneth Cole heels below.

Thanks so much for reading guys, even if you skimmed ;0! STAY TUNED for NYFW posts, pictures, and maybe even videos (@styledsomewhere), I’m going to more fashion shows this year than ever before and I could practically pinch myself!



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