When the buildings literally match your outfit. Can you say perfect? This wasn’t even planned. We were strolling around Soho and I said, “I love this street,” and voila! Shout out to one of my awesome best friends that doubles as a photographer 🙂 For the first day I attended NYFW I went to the Cindy Monteiro show at Dream Downtown and I want to be honest… Things didn’t exactly go as planned —> if you want to read why, keep an eye out for my next “debunking fashion week, what they don’t tell you about attending shows” post.
Back to business, this floral dress is now on sale for $16! Boy did I get gypped. I originally bought it because I just loved the plush tones and florals. I also love the shoulder cutouts, I think it adds a little something XTRA. And I wanted something light to run around in for fashion week’s busy schedule. But forewarning, this dress looks so different in pictures compared to in person. When I saw it online I didn’t think twice about it. I also want to recommend these heels! OMG they’re satin and when I told people they were from Forever21 NO ONE at fashion week believed me. Right now they’re $24.90, probably won’t go on sale, I’ll keep an eye out though. The satin heels are definitely an imitation of another designer though because the day after I bought them I saw the same pair (or a VERY VERY similar pair) on Kourtney Kardashian! LOL, did I start the trend? Basically!
I also think this dress would look cute paired with plain white sneaks to dress it down, but the heels are staying for now! I love these heels, and I don’t care who knows it!
Okay have a happy Thursday babes!
Peace, love, floral dresses!

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