Happy Monday everyone! Every time I see the word “trumpet,” I hear that annoying Jason Derulo song “And the trumpet’s they go…” Haha, help! As I’m craving all things fall, I couldn’t help but add a knit sweater with trumpet sleeves to this summery outfit. I know I already said how much I love stripes and think that they’re ‘in,’ but this sweater is a MUST. Isn’t it crazy how a little something EXTRA (no, not me….the sleeves) completely change a garment? I wouldn’t have even gotten this sweater..but with the bell sleeves and the fact that it’s UNDER $20…..I had to! Forewarning though, depending on how tight you like things, I would go a size up in a sweater like this. I usually wear a small/extra small everywhere, but this is a medium..just a thought!

Another reason I LOVE colorful stripes is that they’re so so easy to style. Look at all of the colors in this sweater…black, pink, blue, burgundy! You could wear this with jeans, jean shorts, black pants or velvet burgundy pants…you get the picture! So often when I’m shopping with friends or somewhere, people say “but what would I wear this with?” And in my head, I’m like…GIRL, the options are limitless. But to answer that lofty question, choose a top with like 3-4 colors and then play off of the colors in the top —> you have the bottom.

AND since it’s still hot outside I decided to wear this with my fave Zara shorts that I bought in Las Vegas and I don’t think there are any more of 🙁 BUT, below I have very similar pairs linked. Again with these shorts, I love the extra detailing without which I probably wouldn’t have gotten these, I guess my style is just Extra ???? ;( I also linked my pink satin pumps that I wore at fashion week…shocking but they didn’t even give me blisters!!!

Whether you’re wearing a striped sweater today or a potato sack, I hope this gives you outfit inspo for your beautiful Monday!

Happy Shopping 🙂

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