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Hello, Thursday!

I figured the perfect outfit for Thursday is the ever so trendy side stripe pants that everyone around the globe is currently rocking!

When I threw this outfit on I instantly liked the pants because they are so versatile. I almost wore them with a casual red sweatshirt, but then opted for a white one-shoulder shirt to dress up the look for a more going out look.


I think the reason these pants specifically have risen to popularity is that they are perfect for a day-long outfit. So often we get dressed for work and have somewhere to go right after. This outfit is totally transformable from DAY –> NIGHT. In the morning you can pop these pants on and a nice blazer over, and then at night, you can wear them out with some heels.

 BUT YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHERE THEY ARE FROM! They’re literally from the TjMax on like 6th avenue. LOL. One time I randomly ran in there, totally forgot what I needed and ended up with them because they were less than $30! But rest assured, they have them at ASOS/Forever21 and a ton of other places too.

My one shoulder top is also the perfect pairing piece because it literally GOES WITH ANYTHING! Jeans, sweats, a skirt, A SKORT, you name it! It’s from Nordstrom Rack and is linked above.


My bag, of course, is Chloe and literally looks like a satchel…LOL. BUT, I am in need of the PERFECT BLACK BAG. Not too small, I want to fit my phone (it’s a plus), wallet, maybe an extra outfit…just kidding. But not too big either, I don’t want to carry a briefcase around town. Where should I look?? I’m going to be looking everywhere so I’ll keep you guys posted when and where, if I find one.

If you missed my last post about Floral Jeans, click here, these jeans are so comfortable and are ON SALE! They are purrrrfect for all things fall!

Thanks for reading guys 🙂


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  1. Emily Boyd
    October 5, 2017 at 10:00 pm (5 months ago)

    Maybe try Neiman Marcus?


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