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Comfy in Chenille

It’s Sunday and I’m sorry for the hiatus so let’s jump on in!

TOP: Allow me to reintroduce myself you to the comfiest chenille, off the shoulder sweater for fall! ALSO, is this light lilac color not to die for? This is the type of color that looks good on EVERY skin tone, equip with bell sleeves, it’s even SO WARM and under $25!

PANTS: A polished black pair of jeans is a must for your fall –> winter wardrobe. I particularly love this pair because they can be dressed down or worn out at night, and they go with everything! I prefer just a basic, sleek look, compared to very distressed. I’ve linked my Just Black pair below along with other similar ones.
Boots: My tan knee-high boots are my favorite to break out when fall rolls around! I love a tight-boot that still allows room for pants to be tucked inside, they’re so comfortable and give me a little height too! I don’t really like the slouchy look, so I appreciate how structured this boot is, and it has a little tie in the back. I think when it comes to boots, you don’t have to spend zillions of dollars, and they can still be trendy/comfortable/useful..etc. My pair is the first linked below – under $100!

Styled Somewhere Sidebar:

Some of my favorite affordable go-to boot brands are:
Franco Sarto
Steve Madden
Marc Fisher
Sam Edelman
Vince Camuto
Sesto Meucci
Also, like I’ve mentioned before, don’t be afraid to shop places you wouldn’t normally. For example, I have very bad luck with clothing at Nordstrom Rack/Macy’s, but VERY good luck at these department stores with shoes. They get Steve Madden/Marc Fisher..etc at a wholesale price so these brands are cheaper at stores like this! 
To finish, I just paired this outfit with my thin Gucci belt that I got from Farfetch! I hope everyone has an awesome Sunday. 🙂

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